Desert Accounting llc

Service, Response & Value


  • We are Skilled, we’ve been doing it successfully for years. 
  • We are Responsive, we’ll answer the phone and run a payroll within minutes.  
  • And we are Right Here in New Mexico, in the town of Bernalillo. 

Our service includes:

  • Processing payroll at common schedules.
  • Processing after the fact payroll (After an employee has received a check).
  • Filing Federal and state payroll reports, and liability payments.
  • Creating and transmitting paystubs.
  • Creating paychecks or processing direct deposits.
  • Creating year end W2s and W3s and distributing them.

Optional WC automated insurance pay as you go plan:

  • Accurate monthly premium calculation
  • Automatic debits after payroll
  • Premiums' expense entries into QuickBooks
  • No year end surprises

And if needed:

  • Certified payroll reports.
  • Benefits' deductions and deposits
  • Davis Bacon act compliance

Why Desert Accounting LLC?

We've provided payroll service in New Mexico since 2005, we'd be pleased to provide yours.

Need a more responsive service?  That's us! 

Payroll is likely your biggest expense, and aggravation of the week.  Let us help, we could make even Mr. Franklin here smile!


We would be delighted to discuss your accounting needs and tell you more about our services.

Call us now: 505-771-1445

For a limited time we are offering 25% rate reduction to new clients for the first three months of service!

Desert Accounting llc

Service, Response & Value