Desert Accounting LLC

A New Mexico Company

Skilled, Responsive & Affordable


  • We’re Skilled, we’ve been doing it successfully for years.
  • We’re Responsive, we’ll answer the phone, and run a payroll within minutes.
  • We’re Affordable, our charges are half that of the big guys!

Our service includes:

  • Processing payroll at common schedules.
  • Processing after the fact payroll (After an employee has received a check).
  • Filing Federal and state payroll reports, and liability payments.
  • Creating and transmitting paystubs.
  • Creating paychecks or processing direct deposits.
  • Creating year end W2s and W3s and distributing them.

Optional WC automated insurance pay as you go plan:

  • Accurate monthly premium calculation
  • Automatic debits after payroll
  • Premiums' expense entries into QuickBooks
  • No year end surprises

And if required:

  • Certified payroll reports.
  • Benefits' deductions and deposits
  • Davis Bacon act compliance

Need a more responsive payroll provider?

  That's us, at half the price of the big guys.

And, we're in New Mexico!

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Desert Accounting LLC: Skilled, Responsive & Affordable

  • We use QuickBooks to run payroll, it is reliable, flexible and does a great job!
  • It integrates payroll with clients' bookkeeping accounts.
  • Costs are automatically allocated to the correct accounts and financial statements.
  • It is more reliable, there is no transcribing from payroll and bank records.
  • Total payroll processing costs are lower. 

Why Desert Accounting LLC?

And, because . . .

We've provided payroll service to small businesses in New Mexico since 2005. We’d be pleased to provide yours.