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  • Annual mean wage for a qualified bookkeeper in New Mexico is: $40,500 per year, or $19.50 per hour. (NM  Department of Workforce Solutions' data).
  • Approximate payroll taxes: 10%.
  • Over head cost per hour: $5.00.
  • Typical efficiency, productive hours VS hours paid: 60% - if you're lucky.

The real cost of a qualified bookkeeper on your payroll is over $44.00 per productive hour, plus management time, turnover disruption and recruitment costs.   And, an accountant will cost additional 50%!

Engage Desert Accounting llc:  Our invoices don't include Facebook time, visiting time, coffee time, vacation time, or recruitment time,  They include productive time only.

  • Hourly rate plus payroll tax = 21.45/Hr
  • Including overhead = 26.8/Hr
  • Adjusted for efficiency = 444.66/Hr

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