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  • Average wage for a qualified bookkeeper is $19.50 per hour.
  • Approximate payroll taxes: 10%.
  • Over-head cost per hour: $5.00.
  • Typical efficiency, productive hours VS hours paid: 60% .

The real cost of a qualified bookkeeper on your payroll is $45.00 per productive hour plus management time, turnover disruption and recruitment costs.   

Our invoices don't include Facebook time, visiting time, coffee time, vacation time, or recruitment time,  They include productive time only.

  • Hourly rate plus payroll tax = 21.45/Hr
  • Including overhead = 26.8/Hr
  • Adjusted for efficiency = 44.66/Hr

A Bookkeeper on Your Payroll?

Are you sure?

  • Lower payroll
  • A desk, telephone & stapler
  • Lower WC premiums
  • Real estate
  • Management time
  • Experience

The cost of in house bookkeeping

You'll get the job done and gain -

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Service, Response & Value