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COVID -19 Isolation

We want our clients and visitors to know we have the ability, for all of us at Desert Accounting, to work from home.  It is a routine we have been using for a year or more creating home office convenience and contingency.   With remote access software we log into our office computers and gain access to QuickBooks programs, email, and files.  We will continue to update accounts, run payroll and assist clients - very much as normal.

Our phone is forwarded to Bob Hyde who will field calls.  If you would like to speak with Jan or Anita we will have either of them call you back immediately.  

If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to call., The current difficulties will not get in the way of our ability to engage and provide services to new clients.

We hope you stay safe and this disaster will soon pass.

Best regards,

Jan Sargent, Anita Langham, Bob Hyde

Desert Accounting llc