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Desert Accounting, LLC
Engage Desert Accounting, LLC
You'll be more efficient,
you won't have to -
  • Chase receivables
  • Create invoices
  • Print checks
  • Run payroll
  • Or manage any of it!
You'll get Information -
  • ​Job costing
  • Retail staffing levels
  • Overhead allocations
  • Break even pricing analysis
  • Working capital calculations
  • ​And, you'll make better decisions
​The benefits will be real -
  • No more "Bookkeeper Wanted " ads.
  • You’ll get experience and expertise.
  • There will be no compliance hassles.
  • You'll have one less desk, telephone, and stapler!
  • There will be less payroll, payroll tax, and WC premiums.
  • One less management chore.
Desert Accounting, LLC: Skilled, Responsive and Cost Effective 
Consultations are free and without obligation.
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