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The purpose of bookkeeping and accounting was to provide Venetian merchants clarity and control over their many transactions, and confidence in their financial positions for future trading. 

Bookkeeping and accounting is data analysis, with the results presented on financial statements.  It was data analysis In 1494 before data analysis was invented!  Today the process is essentially the same, but for the intervention of computers.
Bookkeeping and accounting made its appearance eight hundred years ago in Florence where fragments of a banker's account book dated 1211 were discovered.  The process was codified by Luca Bartolomes Paciolli in Venice in 1494, around the time of Columbus's epic crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.  And, by the way, for a time Paciolli lived with Leonardo da Vinci to whom he taught mathematics.
Accounting software was developed and refined after the widespread adoption of personal computers in the last quarter of the 20th century.  Software removed the enormous manual chore of data entry into journals and ledgers.  

Today the purpose of bookkeeping & accounting
 is the same as it was 500 years ago: 
 - to provide information.  

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